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Custom street freestyle scooter by Anthony Michlik

Custom street freestyle scooter by Anthony Michlik

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Hello riders it's Anthony,

Today I present to you this complete scooter assembled by me in the shop.

Here are the details of the products present on the scooter;

BAR: Trianon Ethic 67cm = 60€

DECK: Urban Artt Sprawl 15x58.5 = €170

FORK: Prime Michlik V2 = 90€

NECKLACE: SCS Native black = 30€

WHEELS: Urban Artt CIVIC black 110mm = €70

GRIP: Your choice!

HANDLES: Ethic foam = €5

Weight: 4kg177

The complete scooter is available on our site or in store at the price of €415 instead of €480!

Scooter delivered in 2 parts, simply mount the handlebar and tighten the 4 screws of the SCS clamp.

Assembly possible in the Cabane de la Glisse store.

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