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Blunt Prodigy S9 Black Reflect Freestyle Scooter

Blunt Prodigy S9 Black Reflect Freestyle Scooter

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Discover the all-new BLUNT Prodigy S9

The BLUNT Prodigy is the brand's iconic freestyle scooter, the best-selling in the world. It returns this year with new parts, always in a quality, light and efficient construction. It is THE freestyle scooter par excellence for beginner, intermediate or advanced level riders. She can do everything, and do everything very well.

The deck:
The deck mounted on the Prodigy S9 is made of 6061-T6 aluminum measuring 495mm x 120mm with an angle of 82.5. A clear improvement in the deck should be observed in order to gain in lightness. The underside of the deck is thus hollowed out. It is also profiled for more stability in grinds. It is equipped with a classic grain grip, and a lightweight and durable nylon brake.

The fork :
The new Dimaond fork in 6061 aluminum compatible with 125mm x 30mm wheels. The fork is perforated for greater lightness and its IHC compression system makes maintenance very accessible and quick.

Handlebars :
The handlebars are the BLUNT Reaper V2 aluminum 620mm x 540mm. With exclusive Prodigy decor, it looks great. Its external diameter is 34.9mm.

Necklace :
The collar used is the Blunt 2 bolts in aluminum. Light and robust, its 2 screws are tightened with a 6mm allen key.

The wheels :
The wheels fitted are the new GAP Core Wheels with a diameter of 120mm and a width of 24mm with a hardness of 86A. Each finish of the Prodigy S9 has its own wheel design, to make the product even more unique.

Handles :
The Blunt TPR mounted grips with a width of 160mm. The width is very comfortable and makes the ride precise. the little extra: the bar ends are made of fairly hard nylon which makes the whole thing very durable.

Weight: 3.48 kg

Scooter delivered in 2 parts, simply mount the handlebar and tighten the 2 clamp screws.

Assembly possible in the Cabane de la Glisse store.

Free delivery for purchases over 90 euros

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