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Speed demons

Speed ​​Demons Checkers Complete Skateboard (7.5' - Black/White)

Speed ​​Demons Checkers Complete Skateboard (7.5' - Black/White)

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This Checkers skateboard from Speed ​​Demons will be a model of choice for your first steps in the world of skateboarding. This versatile model can be used both at the skate park and in town. This model is equipped with a double kick-tail deck which allows you to perform a multitude of tricks, in an urban environment or at the skate park. Already assembled with all the necessary parts, this complete skateboard is ready to use upon receipt.

7-ply maple deck for maximum pop and durability

Small 52 mm diameter wheels, ideal for street practice and facilitating tricks, where balance and pop are necessary

88A bushings are stiffer, providing better stability and high speeds, but less control when cornering

The board colors are set, so you will get the same color as in the photos

Caution When purchasing a skateboard, always make sure the hardware is properly tightened before your first session.

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