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S2S freestyle scooter Scoot 2 street Versatyl Bloody Mary Chrome Black

S2S freestyle scooter Scoot 2 street Versatyl Bloody Mary Chrome Black

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VERSATYL Bloody Mary S2S Edition Freestyle Scooter at the Cabane de la Glisse!

VERSATYL presents its new exclusive pro-model from the famous rider and YouTuber Scoot2Street with the Complete Bloody Mary S2S Edition Freestyle Scooter!

210g lighter than the V1, it is now the lightest complete scooter on the market.
Consisting only of 6 mm cylindrical head screws, an IHC compression system and a 4130cr die-cast fork (105 lighter than on the V1).

Its lightness is partly thanks to its bar which is the lightest in the world (80g lighter than the V1).
As other new features we can note the new nylon/steel brake (the same as Ethic DTC) and its wider and more solid deck.
Needless to say, this is THE scooter to have right now!

New features of the Bloody Mary S2S Scooter:
* IHC compression system
*4130cr die-cast fork
* Lightest handlebar on the market and very resistant
* New nylon/steel brake (like Ethic DTC)
* Wider and stronger deck

Deck size:
* Length: 510mm
* Width: 118mm

Handlebar size:
* Height: 600mm
* Width: 540mm

Features of the Bloody Mary S2S Edition:
* Material: 6061 T6 aluminum bar and deck
* Headtube angle: 83°
* Integrated headset
* IHC compression system
* Hot forged Versatyl fork
* Versatyl S2S wheels: 110mm aluminum core wheels
* Weight: 2,940 Kg

Scooter delivered in 2 parts, simply mount the handlebar and tighten the 2 clamp screws.

🔧Assembly offered in the Cabane de la Glisse store

🚚 Free delivery from 90 euros of purchases

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