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Bauer RSX Skate Inline Hockey Rollers

Bauer RSX Skate Inline Hockey Rollers

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Find Bauer Roller Hockey at the Cabane de la Glisse!

The Bauer RSX skate is the ideal option for new hockey players, especially if they play indoors or on other smooth surfaces. Unlike the RS model, the RSX is equipped with a reinforced tongue which guarantees essential protection of the top of the foot against impacts from sticks, pucks and even laces. Bauer designed the boot using a unique process that provides excellent support, perfectly suited to players still perfecting their skating technique.

Performance-wise, the RSX features Abec 5 bearings for increased speed, while Hi-Lo Court Wheels provide solid grip on surfaces like tile, smooth concrete and other similar surfaces.

Technical characteristics :

  • Quarter in injected one-piece composite weave.
  • The exclusive and unique construction of the boot provides 15% additional support to the ankle, while providing an exceptional fit.
  • The injected materials give the skate superior performance and an extended lifespan compared to a conventional boot.
  • External cosmetic components have been improved for a sleeker appearance and improved abrasion resistance.
  • White unwaxed skate laces.
  • Soft microfiber lining to wick away moisture.
  • Tongue Construction: 30 oz. two-piece white felt with foam padding. Integrated foam in the middle protects the top of the foot from puck impacts, nicks and lace bites.
  • Contoured EVA insole.
  • Integrated woven composite outsole.
  • Two-piece Hi-Lo T Vanguard T steel frame, providing an aggressive attack angle for agility while maintaining a low center of gravity.
    • Two-piece Hi-Lo™ Vanguard™ steel fan
      • Sizes 1-2 / (2) 59mm front and (2) 68mm rear wheels
      • Sizes 3-5.5 / (2) 68mm front and (2) 72mm rear wheels
      • Sizes 6-12 / (2) 76mm front and (2) 80mm rear wheels
  • Hi-Lo Court 76A (Soft) wheels inside.
  • Abec 5 type 608 bearings.

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