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Custom complete freestyle scooter by Ethan IZZI and Abed

Custom complete freestyle scooter by Ethan IZZI and Abed

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Hello riders it's Ethan and Abed

Today we present to you this complete scooter assembled by us in the shop.

Here are the details of the products present on the scooter;

BAR: ETHIC DTC Tenacity black 67cm high (Possibility of cutting the bar before sending the scooter. But cutting the bar removes the guarantee and can weaken it) = 90€

DECK: FUZION Entropy boxed red = €170

FORK: TILT Rigid black = 100€

NECKLACE: BONUS Black halo = €35

WHEELS: URBAN ARTT Civic black 115x30mm = €80

GRIP: It’s up to you to choose =?

HANDLES: PRIME black = 15€

Weight: 3kg842

The complete scooter is available on our site or in store at the price of €450 instead of €536!

Scooter delivered in 2 parts, simply mount the handlebar and tighten the 2 clamp screws.

Assembly possible in the Cabane de la Glisse store.

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