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Aggressive Freestyle Junior Adjustable Roller

Aggressive Freestyle Junior Adjustable Roller

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Find the Kaltik brand at the Cabane de la Glisse!

The aggressive Kaltik K Skate JNR children's inline skates offer excellent value for their price. They are specially designed for performing tricks, grinds and jumps, whether at the skatepark or on the street. These aggressive Kaltik skates are equipped with a rigid boot.

If you are looking for optimal power transmission and adequate support, the rigid boot is the perfect choice. It has a high collar that provides maximum ankle support, reducing muscle fatigue.

The flat configuration with the same size wheels ensures stability and comfort. In addition, a Powerstrap closure prevents the heel from lifting by firmly holding the foot, which guarantees better control.

60mm wheels with 90A hardness and wide profile provide excellent acceleration and solid landings. The UFS (Universal Frame System) system offers many possibilities to customize your configuration by combining different frames and boots.

The size of the boot is adjustable to accommodate growing children, and the liner absorbs shock to reduce the impact of falls. The combination of breathable materials and padding allows the liner to be both airy and comfortable.

Remember to carefully check the hardware before first use and adjust if necessary. It is also recommended to regularly check the condition of the screws afterwards to ensure safe use.

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